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site policy


Thank you indeed for using this site.
Please use it after reading, and understanding the following site policies when this site is used.

About the copyright

The copyright of information offered from this site belongs to advanced Ltd. research Japan in principle.
Please refrain from use by the profit-pursuing purpose.

About recommended a browser

To inspect and to use this site comfortably, I will recommend the following browsers.


・Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. x or more
・Firefox 2.0以上
・Opera 9.0以上


・Safari 2.0以上
・Firefox 2.0以上
・Opera 9.0以上

However, part might not be able to be used according to customer's use environment.

About the link

Please contact the purpose and the management subject etc. of the link from the inquiry form me beforehand when it is linked with this site.
I will refuse the link from the following sites hard.

・Site that offends public order and morals.
・A specific individual and the group are slandered or the site with the possibility.
・Site with possibility of ruining our confidence.

It is likely to ask for the deletion of the link when turning out a correspondence after the link is approved to the above-mentioned content. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

About the reprint of information etc.

It is prohibited to reprint information on this homepage without permission.
When published information is used, it is assumed that it uses it according to the purpose of this homepage, and prohibits doing this about the act of making it to the object of business etc. not related to the purpose of this homepage etc.